Explore life's big questions with us from 17 April to 26 June 2021.
Why am I here?  
Does God exist?  
What is my purpose?

Alpha@Home is a series of weekly sessions held in several homes of our members where people converse openly about faith, life and God. Discuss life's big questions in this space we have created for you. 

What goes on during an Alpha@Home session?

Each session will typically involve food, a 30-minute video and a good conversation revolving around the topic of the week.

Over the course of 11 weeks, we will be exploring the following topics:

Week 1 – Is There More to Life Than This?  

Week 2 – Who is Jesus? 

Week 3 – Why did Jesus Die?

Week 4 – How Can I Have Faith?

Week 5 – Why and How Do I Pray?

Week 6 – Why and How Should I Read the Bible?

Week 7 – How Does God Guide Us?

Week 8 – Alpha Weekend

Week 9 – How Can I Resist Evil? 

Week 10 – Does God Heal Today?

Week 11 – What About the Church?

Where and at what time will Alpha@Home be held?

More details will be provided upon registration.

Okay, I'm in!


100 Tembeling Road, Singapore 423597

T: 63452277


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