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Zimrah Ministry

Serving the Lord through music and technical operations of our English congregational services.

Call time
Who's involved
Saturday 9.30am Rehearsal
Musicians, AV technicians
Sunday 9am Service
Musicians, AV technicians
Who we are

We are a team of musicians, production and technical operations crew who serve voluntarily in the areas of leading worship through music and technical operations for our English services. In all that we do, we strive to work in unity and give our very best to bring honour and glory to our Lord, Jesus.

Join us

We invite anyone who wishes to serve in these areas:

- Production and technical operations (audio mixing/visual projection/online video broadcasting)

- Musicianship (worship leading/instrumentalists/vocalists)

Drop us a message at or reach out to anyone in our team to let us know you're interested!


The table below shows the current times we serve every week.

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