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Rooftop Farming

Engaging our community through a passion for farming.

About what we do

Our rooftop farm currently consists of 4 seed germination trays and 6 hydroponic modules, each with space for 135 plants. From seed to harvest takes 4-5 weeks and we normally harvest around 30-40 packs of veggies every week (the record is 94!). Most of our work is done early on Saturday mornings with just 4-5 regular volunteers, plus a few others who help with sales or when they have time.

Why we're in it

Our aims are:

  • to engage our MPCC community in an interactive activity which also provides an opportunity to learn about hydroponic farming

  • to support the Singapore “30 by 30” local food production initiative

  • to provide high quality, pesticide-free vegetables to church members & visitors

  • to contribute towards MPCC church funds

We also hope to get involved with local outreach activities as and when the opportunity arises (and within the Covid-19 safe management guidelines). We would love to welcome new members to the group. Please message Iain Maidment (93896534) or speak with any of the farmers if you would like to get involved, or simply to find out more.

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