17 & 18 Apr:
English services 

The sharing of the Word continues this week with a new sermon series – With the First Disciples. Join us in church for our Saturday, 3pm and Sunday, 9am* services. Registration is no longer required to attend on-site services.


*Livestream available.

  • 01

    Virtual AGM (8 pm, Fri 30th April)

    Register for the AGM at mpcc.org.sg/agm2021 by 25 April. Upon registration you will receive a link to download the Annual Reports and Financial Statements. You may also contact Lydia to register or obtain the AGM documents.

  • 02

    PCC Election 2021/2022

    7 nominees have been submitted. There will be an election for the 6 ordinary council member positions.
    Members can obtain and submit the Voting Form after our weekend services at the Community Hall from 10 April 2021 (Sat) to 25 April 2021 (Sun). Alternatively, you may contact Lydia (63452277 / office@mpcc.sg) to obtain a digital copy of the Voting Form and return to Lydia physically or by electronic means.

  • 03

    Alpha @ Home

    Please prayerfully invite your friends and loved ones who do not yet know Jesus. Do contact Ps Emmanuel (+65 9664 2365) if you have any queries.

  • 04

    Baptism Service (30 May)

    There will be a baptism service on 30 May. Please approach any of our church staff if you would like to be baptised.

  • 05

    Farmers Welcome

    MPCC’s rooftop hydroponic gardening has resumed. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Joshua Tan (+65 9672 2433).

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    MPCC Broadcast

    WhatsApp ‘Sub’ to this +65 8028 3145 and save it in your phone to receive timely updates.

  • 07

    Women's Walking Group (WWG)

    Date : Apr 24th 2021 @0830
    Venue : Henderson Waves
    Register with Jessica/Jolin/Joy Kang/Cynthia

  • 08

    Women's Walking Group (WWG)

    Date : May 22nd 2021 @0830
    Venue: Xiao Gui Lin
    Register with Jessica/Jolin/Yvonne/Cynthia

This pulpit series follows the journey of transformation in some of Jesus' first disciples.



Do you understand what you are reading?

(Alpha Sunday, Acts 8:26-40)

Canon Terry Wong


Do not disbelieve, but believe.

(Thomas, John 20:24-31)

Canon Terry Wong


Do you love me more than this?

(Peter, John 21:15-25)

Canon Terry Wong



Come share the Lord

(The two disciples, Luke 24:13-49)

Canon Terry Wong


Go into all the world

(Matthew 28:16-20)

Canon Yee Ching Wah


Why do you stand looking up?

(Sunday after Ascension, Acts 1:1-11)

Canon Terry Wong


Pentecost Sunday

(Acts 2:1-21)

Bishop Rennis Ponniah

At the pulpit

With the First Disciples


The Sacrament of Ordination (Christ Presenting the Keys to Saint Peter), c. 1636-40 by Nicolas Poussin

Upcoming events
  • Fri, 30 Apr
    Our virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be conducted over Zoom this year. Please submit your registration for the event via the AGM 2021 page.
  • 17 Apr - 26 Jun
    Several venues
    An 11-week series where people converse openly about faith, life and God in various homes around Singapore.

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