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A Work in Progress

Last weekend was a great start to the new season of church life in Phase 3. What a blessing it was to be able to break bread together and to have live worship at one of the Services. We remind ourselves that we are gathering in the midst of an on-going pandemic. Let's continue to observe the safe distancing measures and use Trace Together.

In this season, church life is still limited to a few channels of communication, which we will continue to work at improving. Some are still not able to join our onsite Services. We are working hard at improving the visual and audio quality of our online Services to facilitate effective participation. There are various areas to look at. Week by week, we should see some progress.

We have also started a MPCC Broadcast which will keep you informed and connected. Send ‘Sub’ to this number via your WhatsApp - 80283145 - and save it in your phone to receive timely updates.

The new website at is a work in progress. We will appreciate your feedback ( The Service and sermon videos can be assessed at MPCC Youtube channel. We will continue to monitor on the need for capacity increase in our Services. Meanwhile, there is ample room in our Saturday Service. Do book your seats and invite your friends.

We are also looking at how we may support and enrich our Cell Group's Word Time by linking them to our Sunday sermons. We will update our Cell Leaders in due course.

Do have a blessed time worshipping with the MPCC family this weekend, whether onsite or online.


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