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Camp 2024

We have just concluded our Faith@Work series. I trust you have been enriched listening to your “fellow-travellers”. We were indeed blessed as we caught up online with what was shared for the Sundays when we were away.

Last week, a group of us visited Ipoh to recce the hotels. We were very impressed by The Havens Resort, which faces a limestone hill, lake and forested area. Instead of the usual hotel rooms, they have 2 to 3 room apartment suites. It is suited for the purposes of our Camp in many ways:

  • As a getaway from the usual city life to be in the midst of God’s creation. This will be a retreat indeed. You will be refreshed just by being there.

  • The apartments allow for a family, Cell members or friends to be together. This will enhance our community interaction. Every apartment will have a forest view!

  • There are trails for walks around the beautiful lake.

Ipoh has a lot to offer. There is a nearby Water Theme Park with natural hot springs at the Lost World of Tambun, along with other attractions in the city or outlying areas for a post-Camp visit. The food in this Cantonese-speaking city is very good and you will be spoilt for some unique, delicious and affordable choices.

The highlight of the camp is of course our spiritual nourishment and strengthening of our community. It is always good when we are able to spend a focused time in worship and coming under His Word. It is also a great way to help integrate recent converts or those who joined our parish.

If you are planning on a personal or family holiday, Ipoh and the surrounding areas are all very affordable. The Camp Committee will be listing out recommendations for pre or post Camp possibilities.

Meanwhile, keep these dates free – 8th (Sat) to 11th (Tue) June 2024.


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