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Digging Deeper

We can look forward to gathering onsite again this weekend. Both Services are capped at 50. The Sunday Service will be live-streamed. We are looking forward to the relaxing of rules and will await new guidelines before deciding on the next steps.

Moving on, it is obvious that vaccination is important, in spite of it being an imperfect solution and not without risks. This is indeed a season where we need to think as a community and trust our local and worldwide teams of experts to guide us.

There will also be a Cell leaders meeting cum training on Sat 3rd July at 1 pm. We will also be discussing some possible directions for our Cells as we move out of the pandemic. As for Bible courses, do note that there are some great DCBS courses coming up and do check the details here.

Apart from my training in theology, I am also a keen student of philosophy and the sciences. Actually, I read widely over many areas and keep myself updated. I do this in part to better equip myself to guide Christians in their faith journey. For those in the "baby boomers generation" or born in the 60's and 70's, we may be less aware of how education has changed and how newer generations are educated differently. The worldwide internet and social connectivity has also speeded up the rate of research and exchange of ideas.

It is not surprising that those who are younger (because of their education) may be confused when our biblical interpretation is rigid or if we do not take the latest scientific findings seriously. I have also met adults who have drifted from the faith because their "Sunday School" theology could not stand up to the times. It is sad but true that many are stuck biblically at a pre-school level as they progress in secular education up to grad or post-grad levels. No wonder! Sometimes it can due to the lack of systematic and deeper teaching of the church, where there is a constant focus on short-term issues and felt needs. Or simply, due to busyness, we are not reading the right books or listening to the right podcasts as much as we should. Yes, I am also an avid listener of podcasts, which make sense as it is a good use of commuting time. In fact, over the years, I have found greater clarity and conviction about my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as I engage with the latest in these fields.

Let us resolve to dig deeper in MPCC. For the last three weekends in July, I will preach through a mini-series on Psalm 19, where we will explore how God speaks through the World and Word. Through that, I will also introduce resources that can guide your understanding of life and faith. I am also planning a new course on the Apostles Creed which will allow us to dig deeper.

Stay tuned.


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