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Our church-planting DNA

In the 70’s, as many HDB blocks mushroomed across the island, Canon James Wong caught the vision to plant house congregations. Eventually these were named Extension Centres.

The idea of church planting was an exciting and challenging one. Will one leave the comfort of his parish and go out on a limb to seed a new one? It was also an opportunity for leaders and members to level up. A new Service needs new ushers, worship leaders, preachers and Sunday School teachers. If it is a Sunday-rented premise, a lot of effort is needed to set up chairs, music and sound equipment and store them up after the Service is over.

MPCC started with the meeting of a dozen of members in a flat in Marine Parade on one Saturday at 2 pm in February 1976. Some of the members then are still in MPCC today. From there, MPCC moved from place to place before settling into the premise here at Tembeling Road. We can only imagine the commitment that was needed by those who bravely heeded the call.

This church planting DNA is certainly embedded in MPCC, judging by her chequered history of involvement in seeding other plants, some which became independent megachurches and the .

Perhaps our coming new Eleven30 Service can be viewed in this way as well. Though the scope and nature is on a smaller scale, the aims and methods are not dissimilar. A group from our existing 9 am Service and some from the Filipino Congregation will form the core group to start this new Service. We need not expect this new Service to run fully as if she is an instant adult. The worship and PA teams will take time to grow. Likewise other areas of ministry and her attendance. If we can have a core group of 40 or more for a start, that will be good.

Our aims is to reach the “unchurched or non-churched.” It is our prayer that this project will reignite our zeal to reach out.

Not everyone need to be involved. There is also much in the 9 am Service to be thankful for. And yes, we care a lot for this Service too and there is room for her to grow in fruitfulness.

For those who are not involved in Eleven30, do encourage those who are. Keep them in your heart and prayer. You can also do your part to invite your friends: soon, with the choice of two Sunday Service slots.


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