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Our Ministry @ Lat Krabang Anglican Church (LKAC), Thailand

by James Ong

Day One (Friday)

Upon arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, in the mid-afternoon, we were

greeted by Revd Bernard Yee, Revd Lek (Vicar of LKAC) and his wife, Sister Koi. They drove to us to Cornerstone Student Centre (CSC), where we interacted with university undergraduates who had been attending English language classes at the centre. It is strategically located within the student hostel area of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, providing English language classes and other workshops for tertiary students studying at the various university colleges there. We played games with the youths to help them improve their mastery of English. The youths had an enjoyable time honing their language skills and making friends from Singapore!


Day Two (Saturday)

Each day began with breakfast at the hotel, followed by devotion and briefing/debriefing for the activities of the day. We arrived at LKAC in the morning and Revd Lek showed us around the church and gave us a presentation on the history of LKAC and future development plans for the huge site. The highlight of the day was a fun and interesting workshop on hydroponics urban farming conducted by Joshua. The participants learned about the rationale, benefits, and how-tos of hydroponic growing. They had the opportunity to see, touch and feel a miniature model of a hydroponic farm.

After the workshop, we had lunch in the church, followed by an engagement session with the youths of the church, at a dessert shop across the road. It was a good opportunity to chit-chat and practice English conversation.


In the afternoon, Revd Lek and Revd Bernard brought us to visit two members’ homes.  We heard powerful testimonies of God’s grace and mercy in their lives. Sean also shared his personal testimony. We brought gifts to bless their families and prayed for them. 

Day Three (Sunday)

We had a great time of worship and Holy Communion on Sunday, led by the wonderful worship team of LKAC. Ps Emmanuel preached a sermon, “Remember the Cross”. Joshua and Samantha were also invited to share their personal testimonies.

 Jolin, Ps Serena and James were involved in Sunday School, teaching a lesson on the “Fruit of the Spirit” to children 2-12 years old. In the afternoon, we joined Revd Bernard as he conducted Youth Alpha lesson as a means to discipling them. Jolin shared her personal testimony, and we also had the opportunity to pray for the youths.


Day Four (Monday)

We had farewell lunch with Revd Lek and his wife, Sister Koi, at a nearby restaurant, said our goodbyes and thanked them for hosting us for this mission trip. This trip has been a great blessing for us as we witnessed the unity of the team and the grace of God working in LKAC. Revd Lek, Sister Koi and Revd Bernard shared with us how the church has grown since the start of COVID-19, with regular attendance increasing from 15 to almost 90 today! The challenge the pastors face now is building the spiritual foundation of these new members and developing lay leaders.

We are so thankful for their wonderful hospitality, especially Sister Koi, who drove us around and took us to lovely places to eat!



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