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The Christ-ian Life

I have designed a few Lent Sermon series based on the Life of Christ through the years. I often feel I barely touch the surface. The Gospel stories are rich and there is so much to learn - both about and from - our Master.

  • How can one live an austere and holy live, overcoming every temptation thrown at him and yet, make sinners feel comfortable in His presence?

  • How can one have so much insight into human nature and yet was never judgmental towards others?

  • How can one forgive and minister to an exposed sinner whom the rest of society have chosen to ostracise and condemn?

  • How can one be so loving and yet, display frightening anger when the situation calls for it?

  • How can one be so full of joy and confidence, and yet wept when he encountered the grief of men?

  • How can one see so much potential in individuals whom society has discounted or marginalised?

  • How can one show so much respect for authorities and yet boldly stand up for what is right in the face of their antagonism?

  • How can one show so much understanding and compassion to the lowliest of society and yet unflinching in reserving harsh words for those in religious authority?

  • How can one stoop and wash the feet of his own followers and yet, there was no hint of any desire for celebrity treatment, save for a donkey ride accompanied by public adulation?

  • How can one speak confidently of oneness with the Father and yet in one single moment, question the felt abandonment?

  • How can one experience the very pits of hell and rise from it with promises of the new and renewal for the rest of humanity?

Indeed, how can one, two and even three sermon series do justice in telling about Him? It will take a lifetime to learn about our Master. And maybe an eternity to learn to live like Him.

That is a person who deserves our following. We should follow no other.

The Christ-ian life deserves our living and pursuing.


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