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The Road Ahead

The PCC met recently to decide on how we should proceed in response to the latest MCCY's advisory on post Phase 2, Heightened Alert. We discussed and decided on the following:

This weekend (14th & 15th Aug), we will resume onsite Services, as per usual, both capped at 50.

On the weekend of 21st/22nd Aug, our 9 am Sunday will cater only to those who are either vaccinated or pre-event tested. With this, the cap will be lifted to the seating capacity in the hall (135 pax) or beyond that if we utilise other halls to cater for overflow. Children can accompany their parents in this Service. Proof of registration is as simple as a visual check of your Trace Together app. Please contact the office if you are using other means.

For those who have yet to be vaccinated, the Saturday "Open" Service, while capped at 50, remains open to all.

These decisions do fall in line with the direction which our authorities are taking, something which PCC senses is unavoidable if we want the church to be open to all without capacity restrictions. This includes our friends whom we want to invite to church as well as walk-in seekers. This will shape the way MPCC will conduct her Services for a while to come.

It will be helpful to note that there is a community which worships regularly at the Saturday Service, which I give equal commitment to. We warmly welcome Sunday regulars to join us if you can't attend the Sunday Service.

We value your feedback. Please let us know of your needs or concerns or if you simply have questions in need of clarification.

As for those who are unvaccinated, there can be various personal reasons for this, and as a church community, we need to respect each person's decision, whether it is medical or one’s personal choice.

As experts have noted, vaccine hesitancy has deep-seated roots in cultural, socioeconomic factors and historical context. Contextualising this to our local society, it may not be enough to tell others how safe and effective the vaccine is, even less so how the vaccine is needed to reopen society. The reasons for hesitancy may very well be different from person to person. We should only contribute our opinions when asked.

This is the safe space which we need to accord to every person in our church community, treating each other with mutual respect and protecting each person's dignity and privacy. Those who find themselves in the minority by any measure, whether race, economic or vaccination status, should feel comfortable worshipping and fellowshipping with us. Accepting one another is a fundamental Christian value (Romans 15:7). It meets a deep-seated and universal human longing.


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