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A quick report on the June Retreat

Around a hundred participated at a refreshing retreat at Changi Cove this week. Our last Camp was at Desaru in 2018. After two years of an isolating pandemic, it was good to be together again.

The clean, spacious and resort environment of Changi Cove was a great setting for this retreat. Speaking on the theme, A Time to Rebuild, Joseph Chean spoke on our need to renew our relationship with God at the opening session. Subsequently, he facilitated our reflection on MPCC’s calling as a community, through a combination of lectures, interviews, group discussions and feedback. Some of the recordings will be made available along with the summary of our group discussions, most which were scribbled on walls.

Dr Tan Soo Inn spoke on Spiritual Friendship and conducted seminars on the needs of the next generation and mental health. We were reminded again on the importance of authentic friendships, the need for the other and awareness of the needs of those who are struggling with depression or dementia.

Both speakers helped us plough the depths of our faith as individuals and as a community. A team from Yishun Church facilitated programmes for our children. We also had wonderful times of worship, small group discussions and meal times together. There were fun and meaningful group activities like team bowling, a visit to the Changi Chapel museum and lunch at the Kelong.

We are grateful for the hard work put in by the Retreat committee which was led by Cynthia Chan and Raymond Lim. Will there be a Camp in 2023? Please pray along. We will value your feedback.


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