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CCH Camp Reflections

I had the privilege of being the speaker for Chapel of Christ our Hope Camp from 13 -16th June at Johor Baru. There were about 100 campers.


This annual event is a highlight for CCH as some families with autistic children do not find it easy to travel or go on vacations on their own. The hotel is a city one and CCH has less options due to constraints of travelling and family safety, which a more confined hotel offers. Unlike Havens Resort, there wasn’t a lot of common space for hangout or mingling.


I shared four messages, touching mostly on Christian living with the final message on God as our Father since it was Father’s Day itself. The programme is well spaced out and there was adequate time for small group sharing, which happens after every message. The CCH community is not a stranger to brokenness and some of the sharing were honest, deep and personal.


I had the privilege to get to know some of the members, some who faced many challenges in parenting. What comes through to me is their devotion and love and I did feel inadequate to speak to them about fathering as my own experience is a far cry from theirs. Mine was almost a “breeze in the park.”


It was also a unique experience to see how calm the community was towards children meltdown or guitars being thrown around (!). I hear about how families were drawn to worship in CCH because they feel accepted and at home. They don’t care about the denominational label. I can see that CCH is rich in some essentials that make her a good local church. She indeed continue to have a lot of potential. Apart from her usual Gospel and Discipleship influence, she is contributing very meaningfully to other special needs of our society.


CCH is indeed a very unique church.  I hope this feedback encourages some of you who were involved in her pioneering days. We need to continue to find ways to share with and encourage CCH on her journey. I am sure in due course, she will be a full parish herself one day.


I should also update MPCC that w.e.f. 1st July, Michael Yong will be joining St Andrew’s Autism Centre as her chaplain. Revd David Teo will continue to supervise the chaplaincy work but this move also mean that he can devote more time to the work of CCH. Previously, Michael Yong has served a few years as a parish worker in MPCC.


Do pray for Revd David Teo, Michael and his team of staff and lay leaders.



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