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In appreciation of my band of brothers

Revd Joseph You started serving as the Acting Vicar of MPCC from March of last year.

As he assumed the responsibility, the circuit breaker period began. It was a unique time of doing church differently. He was there as our "Covid19 Vicar" to lead the work and shepherd the flock. It was a unique season where members did not manage to meet their new pastor in person regularly. However he more than made up for it with his warm personality and care. He found various ways to connect with members personally, including home visitations. He was a "very present" pastor, helping us in a time of need, if I may paraphrase Psalm 46:1. Indeed often the Lord let us experience his presence through His servants.

The MPCC is deeply grateful to him even as we bid him farewell. We also thank Church of our Saviour (COOS) and her Vicar, Revd Daniel Wee for their generosity. This came through not just through their releasing Joseph to serve with us as COOS also paid for his salary throughout this period! Not many of our members were aware of this and it is fitting that as a church we show our gratefulness and heartfelt appreciation.

We are also blessed to have Revd Tan Piah and Sis Yin Mei with us. Even though he is stepping down as an auxiliary clergy, they will continue to serve in our community. As "elders" in our midst, their encouraging pastoral presence and wisdom are priceless gifts in any parish. They have also been steady pillars of blessings throughout this pandemic period. We can only be glad that they are still very much a part of our community.

We are also thankful to Revd Barry Leong's who served as Vicar till the work was handed over to Revd You. He will be officially inducted as Vicar of Church of the True Light on 24th January at 11.00 am. Do keep him and Serene in your prayers.

I am grateful for the many blessings I am inheriting as I take over the work. I am thankful for my band of brothers.


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