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Lat Krabang Training & Ipoh Church Camp

This weekend, a team will going ministering at Lat Krabang Church (Bangkok) to train the worship teams from there. A team from Christ Church Bangkok is also joining. Paolo, Hannah, Joy and Melvin will be teaching on the principles of Worship Leading and doing practical on team dynamics. They will also combine with the local team to lead worship on Sunday. I will be preaching on "Why we Worship" in the Service. Their families are also coming along.

We consider it a privilege to serve. Do pray for us. We will be missing the Services this Sunday but we will meet in Ipoh the next weekend.

And yes, we are all looking forward to our Camp in Ipoh. In my opinion, West Malaysia gets more beautiful as you travels north. If you are driving into Ipoh, watch out for the limestone hills and changing landscapes. The food is also somewhat different and many stalls in Penang, Taiping or Ipoh are still mostly helmed by the original cooks. Penang has her Hokkien influence, Ipoh is Cantonese whereas Taiping is in between. Taiping used to be the administrative capital of the British when they were the colonial rulers. Good schools were established there and attracted better educated locals. Taiping has won many awards for her cleanliness, beautiful lake garden and nearby Maxwell Hill. Unsurprisingly, you will find Malaysians working here in Singapore who have roots from there. Jennifer's father is one of them. Appreciating a city's roots and people helps us to be better tourists and more respectful of the people we meet, along with their unique cultures.

Ipoh is not my city of birth (Petaling Jaya is) but because my brother has planted and pastored a church there for over 30 years, it has become my second home. The city is unique with a typical English grid layout and many regard Ipoh as a great place for retirees. Bordered by lime hills and the mountain range, Havens Resort is located in the north eastern part of the city. There are many new developments in that area, taking advantage of the hot springs, rivers and hills. And do enjoy the resort and her unique views. Take advantage of the apartments with a huge dining/living area for smaller gatherings. You can easily Grab food in if you wish.

We will also be seeking the Lord together and we look forward to a rich time of worship and fellowship. Archdeacon Daniel Wee is a long-time friend and hailed from PJ. We also have many years of shared ministry together and you will get to hear some stories from our past. Church of our Saviour (COOS) is in a very good season of growth and as he focuses on the Camp theme (Let your Light shine), we will get to hear how the Lord has been using COOS. He also consistently has a big heart for the younger gen folks. We also look forward to hearing our "in-house" preacher, Ps Barney Lau, as he focusses on one's inner life.

For those who can't join us, please participate and worship with us in the livestreamed Service on Sunday at 9 am.

See you all in Ipoh.


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