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Observing Holy Week

As we gather together on this Palm Sunday, marking the beginning of another Holy Week, I wanted to share with you a slight deviation in our observance this year. Instead of following the traditional Palm Sunday lectionary readings, I've chosen to focus on Passion Sunday, an alternative in the lectionary cycle.


Passion Sunday directs our attention to a poignant moment in the life of Jesus: the story of the woman who poured perfume over Him, an event that took place just days before the Passover (Maundy Thursday) and Good Friday unfolded. It's a narrative that invites us to reflect deeply on the impending sacrifice of Christ and the profound love and devotion displayed by this woman.


In the midst of gathering storm clouds and the ominous presence of death, there is a glimmer of light surrounding our Lord. Despite the heavy, foreboding atmosphere, there is suddenly the unmistakable fragrance of perfume permeating the air. It serves as a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, love, sacrifice and humility will triumph.


Let us journey and reflect together on the last week of His earthly life.


On Maundy Thursday, we will commemorate the Last Passover Supper, where Jesus bent to wash His disciples' feet. Though the practice of foot washing may seem antiquated in our modern society, I invite us to reflect on how we can embody this act of servanthood and humility in our lives today, particularly in the context of contemporary Singapore. I will delve deeper into this theme during my sermon on that evening. Additionally, we will observe a time of reflection on the agony of Gethsemane.


On Good Friday, we will meditate on Mark's Passion narrative as it is sung to us by the talented Anglican Chamber Ensemble. It will be a unique experience of listening to a familiar narrative in a fresh way. It will draw us to the foot of the Cross.


The combined Easter Sunday will be a joyous celebration of our risen Lord, infused with a contemporary flair and a focus on family and community. My dear friend, Leslie, will be delivering the Word, and I'm certain his message will resonate deeply with us and our guests. Following the service, we will enjoy a delightful Easter brunch together.


It may have been too distracting to observe the Season of Lent consistently. Holy Week may be a good time to be more intentional in following the daily readings (at and practise some fasting.


May you be richly blessed this week. And do invite a friend or two!



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