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Our First Month

A new year has started. Phase 3 has arrived.

It is a time offered as we regather, rebuild and seek first His kingdom.

There has been a sense of "same old and yet new" as we regather around blessings that we have oft taken for granted. Like..

  • being together in worship.

  • sensing His presence as "two or three are gathered..."

  • hearing a worship team leading us "live."

  • laughing together (with our masks on!).

  • being able to exchange a word of greeting with someone we have not met for a while.

  • being together to walk, farm, cycle or serve.

  • being able to thank Revd Joseph Yu for a stint well served as our Acting Vicar.

  • being able to give thanks with Revd Tan Piah and Sis Yin Mei for their ministry.

  • giving a listening ear to someone in need.

  • being able to gather in homes and share a meal together.

We slow down to give thanks to the One "from whom all blessings flow" , appreciating every moment. We also appreciate all who have served so wholeheartedly and laboured to enrich the ministry here. Some have worked hard at our website and various tools of communication. Some endured the stress in the AV room to ensure that those watching online can have a fuller experience of our Service.

I should also share that I have enjoyed preaching (unmasked!) to a very receptive congregation who is hungry to hear His Word. I can only say that by His grace, there is more to come, as it will take a few lifetimes for me to speak from the riches of His Word. Your encouraging response can only motivate me to seek more of His anointing and work to do my best, to present myself to God as one approved, a worker who is rightly handling the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15).

One month at a time. We shall look forward to February!


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