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Insights on the Coming Retreat

Vicar Writes – Insights on the coming Retreat

I like to share some insights on the coming Retreat. In a period of two years where we have closed down many activities, seminars and conferences, this coming retreat will provide fresh and needed opportunities for spiritual and communal renewal.

We will be familiar with the usual Camp talks/sessions, dining together, interactions and having fun together. Previously, most Camps are held in West Malaysia. Being a ex-Malaysian myself, I am completely comfortable with their city environment but most Singaporeans are not. A Camp there allow for a guided and safer group experience. And we can enjoy their good and cheaper food in peace. I often wonder though why Camps are held in city hotels as they are not quite the getaways needed for us city folks. We should keep M’sian vacations and Camps separate as they serve different purposes. I should add that if opportunity arises someday, I would love to be a guide to some good stalls in Ipoh or PJ.

Now, SG’s Changi Cove have some advantages. You don’t need to spend 4-6 hours travelling time both ways, which reduced effective Camp time. Stress is reduced, especially if you have children in tow. Her facilities are more suited for church camps compared to commercial city hotels. The resort-like atmosphere refreshes and heals. Physical environments matter when it comes to our need to “retreat.” And you don’t have shopping distractions and the stress of city life and dusty traffic. This also translate into more opportunity for relational time, amongst families or with other members.

A previous Retreat at Changi Cove

We will also be able to experience worship differently from our Services. Sister Li Huan and our very own Melvin will be leading us in an informal and communal way. We will be gathering around with everyone as equal participants or contributors. Joseph Chean and Dr Tan are both engaging and lively speakers. There will also be small group interactions for us to share and get to know newer members. There will be nary a boring moment. We will have some special and sweet moments with the Lord. We can catch a new vision and purpose together as a church in the East, for 2022 and beyond.

And of course the Changi Village area is famous for some very good supper opportunities. For those hopping to go on walks, runs or cycles, there are trails and the coast is nearby. This resort and surrounding facilities will also enrich our children.

Questions have been asked about day trippers. While we would like everyone to experience this retreat fully by staying in, we also welcome those who can’t stay in to join in the sessions and meals. Please approach the Retreat Committee at the table booth re costs etc.


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